Statement of Sustainability

REACH & RoHS Declaration of Conformity

We are striving to comply with the requirements of the RoHS directive and the REACH regulation. All of our newly developed products are manufactured to be REACH and RoHS compliant.

Some existing products in our range do not comply with RoHS and REACH regulations however we are able to offer you compliant alternatives. These alternative products meet the requirements in the RoHS directive and the REACH regulation and are always updated in case of any changes. The REACH and RoHS conformity of the material and surface finishes of our products can be found in the new data sheets. Both our new and old data sheets apply in accordance with the guidelines and specifications that were current at each specified date. If non-compliant products are selected by the customer, we assume no liability for their REACH and RoHS conformity.

We do not carry out any studies on REACH and RoHS conformity ourselves. All information we provide in this regard is based on the certificates of our sub-suppliers for metal alloys, paint coatings and galvanic surface treatments. We regularly obtain these certificates. We trust in their correctness, as well as the integrity and reliability of our business partners.

Conflict minerals

Conflict minerals are mineral resources that are mined in conflict or high-risk areas. In many cases, these substances are manufactured or mined illegally and outside state control, for example by rebels or militias. The extraction of these substances often leads to violations of human rights and international law. These include the minerals tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold which are also known as 3TG. The proceeds from the 3TG trade may enable armed groups and criminals to continue operating.

However, the categorization as “conflict mineral” has no connection whatsoever with the nature and quality of the substances but only relates to their possible extraction and trade chain, regardless of where they come from, where they are processed or where they are sold. We do not source or process conflict minerals and do not endeavour to purchase material that contains these “conflict minerals” that directly or indirectly fund or promote armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or in a neighbouring country.

We instruct our suppliers to only obtain 3TG from approved, conflict-free mines and melts, if the production of their products requires the processing of conflict minerals. We have this regularly certified by our suppliers.